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Our Story

A thought that provoked us to start “Salad Diets” triggered with our fondness towards eating fresh & green salad which we believe is the best choice of food as it adds asset to your health.


We are the Salad Company & we encourage people to treat salad as one of their routine meal as it is the most healthy & fulfilling diet.

Our endeavor is to deliver a creative & balanced, healthy & tasty, fresh & nutritional fulfilling diet with our creativity, passion, love & enthusiasm to create “Happy Customers”.

Our belief that if we contribute towards your good health in any of the way then our mission towards delivering
“Healthiness” & “Happiness“ is accomplished.

When we are serving healthy cuisine, then it should also been served in a healthy box. We care about the food we serve & the way we serve it. Salad Diets promises to reduce plastic usage by switching to eco-friendly plant based bio-degradable non-toxic packaging which also contributes our commitment towards saving our “ Mother Earth”... ……GO GREEN!


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Handpicked fresh & premium fruits & vegetables nicely cleaned & tossed in a hygienic environment …ready to deliver at your doorstep.

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Eat & Relish each byte of our fresh salad & add healthiness to your life

Nutty Diets

Nuts are truly balanced, healthy & scrumptious, fresh & nutritional –
"A Simple & A Fulfilling Snack!"

Salads are creative & balanced, healthy & tasty, fresh & rich with nutrients –

"A Simple & A Fulfilling Meal!"

We at Nutty Diets, is all about our endeavor & passion towards serving the healthy & quality food. We believe that food is one of the most vital element in our life which needs extra & special care in a way it’s being consumed & served.We ensure that all the ingredients which are used in processing are of premium quality & healthy as well.

We have also laid an extra emphasis on our packaging. We use only certified food grade material pouches to ensure that product shall be served in healthy packaging as well.

Take a glimpse of our healthy product range with an assortment of deliciousNuts , Berries, Dried fruits & Seeds. We have Quality Nuts which include Scrumptious California Almonds & Walnuts, Crunchy Whole Cashews & Roasted Irani Pistachios. We also bring in premium quality dried fruits which include Chemical Free Sun Dried Afghan Raisins, Turkish Apricot & Fig. We have wide range of quality seeds like Flax, Cucumber, Sunflower, Chia, Pumpkin& Melon. Our super delicious Cranberry & Blueberry are truly irresistible.

We urge you to explore the range of our premium quality nuts. Apart from presenting itself as a Healthy Munch, We also wrap it in a splendid & stylish gift basket which can actually be a treasure of natural goodness that symbolizes your wishes in a style for you loved ones.

Try it! —to fall in love with it…!

You may directly call us on 0124-4867436 & can order your healthy much which will be delivered at your doorstep.

Delightful Gifting

Gifting is one of the purest expressions of generosity humans have &is a feeling of intense.

Gift giving can be so fun, but it can also be really tricky to know what to give to everyone on your list. So, we at Nutty Diets believe that gifting a “Healthy & Tasty Hamper” ends your search for the wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Welcome to the world of “Nutty Diets” with premium range of Nuts, Berries, Dried Fruits, and Superfood & Seeds which are the epicenter of Health & Nutrition.

We encourage people to savor their moments with our wide range of Healthy hampers and make each occasion relishing & nutritional in a way to express your “Special Care” for your loved ones.

Have a glimpse at our delicious range of California Almonds, Walnuts, Green Raisins, Crunchy Cashews, Hazelnuts, Dried Berries & Fruits, Superfood & nutritional seeds housed in a beautiful decorated glass jar.



Being Healthy

Salads are creative & balanced, healthy & tasty, fresh & rich with nutrients –

"A Simple & A Fulfilling Meal!"

Eating Salad at your office or Home is something inducing a thoughtful meal to your day which brings healthiness & nutrients to your life.Salads composed from few ingredients make a nutrient-rich meal. The greens alone have calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. Many salad including tomatoes, sweet peppers and the greens, are chock-full of antioxidants.


Salad dressings have their own nutritional benefits. Your body needs some dietary fat to properly absorb vitamins A, E and K. We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil which act as antioxidants, reducing the oxidative stress throughout your body.